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We are a club of MIT and Harvard students who are interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Beginners and interested individuals with any level of knowledge are welcome! We use an inclusive definition of the word women, and the purpose of the Women in Artificial Intelligence group is to provide a supportive community for cisgender women, transgender women, genderqueer women and individuals, and non-binary individuals pursuing studies or research in AI and machine learning at MIT and Harvard. We are structured formally as a reading group, meeting every other week to discuss papers of interest related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, we endeavor to serve as an organizing body to get more women involved in AI and ML, working with MIT and Harvard faculty to host more female speakers for machine intelligence-related seminars.


Make machine learning and artificial intelligence more accessible, especially for those who are underrepresented in the field.


Create an environment safe from judgment, hostility, and competition.


Learn more about ML and AI ourselves as well as educate others, especially beginners, by providing helpful resources and role models in the field.


Interviews with outstanding women in the field.

Professor Anima Anandkumar

Professor Melanie Mitchell

Dr. Danielle Belgrave

Professor Marinka Zitnik

Dr. Una-May O'Reilly

Dr. Jessica Hamrick

Professor Leslie Kaelbling

Professor Chelsea Finn

Professor Angjoo Kanazawa


A collection of our favorite resources.


Meet our leadership and other amazing members!

Katie Collins

Co-President and Founder, she/her/hers

Megan Wei

Co-President and Treasurer, she/her/hers

Jacqueline Valeri

Co-President and Chief Technology Officer, she/her/hers

Gaby Ecanow


Michelle Li


Fatima Gunter-Rahman


Lindsey McAllister

Kate Pearce

Summer Vo


Diana Faust

Kat Wicks